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New 2021 Rate Change

At Sharon Water Supply, our mission is to provide safe and dependable water supply now and in the future. It is the core of what we do, and it provides the foundation for our work. Our goals are to sustain our water resources and control costs.

In order to meet current needs and provide for future growth, we make ongoing investments in our system to increase capacity and improve efficiency. Examples of those ongoing investments include replacing old water meters with radio read meters to reduce time and expense required for monthly meter reading, real time site monitoring through the use of SCADA technology, and a commitment to improve & upgrade existing facilities.

We continue to review our operations and explore every opportunity to reduce costs and improve efficiency, while delivering pure water and friendly service. We are committed to continuing to provide the best possible value to our customers.

Of course, the cost of providing these services has continued to grow as well. Electrical power, materials, fuel, and labor costs all increase.  The costs of required system enhancements are substantial. Due to these factors, it has become necessary to raise some of our rates in order to maintain and keep our system updated.  The Board of Directors voted to increase these rates effective March 8, 2021. If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to give us a call @ 903-342-3525.

0-5,000 gallons $4.50/thousand gallons $4.64/thousand gallons
5,001-10,000 gallons $5.00/thousand gallons $5.15/thousand gallons
10,001 - 15,000 gallons $6.05/thousand gallons $6.23/thousand gallons
15,001 - 25,000 gallons $7.10/thousand gallons $7.31/thousand gallons
25,001 - 50,000 gallons $8.15/thousand gallons $8.39/thousand gallons
50,001 - 75,000 gallons $9.20/thousand gallons $9.48/thousand gallons
75,001 - 100,000 & over $9.75/thousand gallons $10.04/thousand gallons