About Sharon Water

Your Sharon Water Supply Staff pledges to the people of the communities we serve, that every effort will be taken to:

Protect the health of our community.

Supply a product that is aesthetically pleasing.

Be responsible stewards of the resource that we have been entrusted with, so that we may provide ample and economical service to meet the future needs of our community.


Call Before You Dig!
Before you begin any digging or excavating around your home, please call SWSC.  We will be happy to come to your home or business to locate water lines.  If an individual or company digs without getting a location done, they are liable for any damage caused to the property or equipment located in the area.  Please try to call SWSC office at least two days before you plan to dig.  Our office number is 903-342-3525.  We appreciate your help and look forward to working with our members.