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Notice to all Sharon WSC Members

In an effort to consolidate & streamline the processing of credit and debit card payments, both online and through the IVR over-the-phone system, Sharon WSC will be utilizing a new processor for phone payments.  This change is scheduled to happen in March of 2024 and will likely effect the way a number of our Members pay.  The 3rd party processing company that we use now offers a variety of payment methods including E-Check, Walmart Pay, PayPal, and more.  Unfortunately, those payment methods will not be accepted after this change is made. 

Please check our website in the coming weeks for more information. 


Update - 3/19/2024

An issue involving account verification was discovered during the testing phase of the new IVR (pay-by-phone) system and has caused a delay in implemntation.  Because our previous IVR Processor required a 6-month notice for contract non-renewal and was unwilling to continue to provide service on a monthly basis, this has left us no option but to temporarily suspend over-the-phone card payments.  We apologize for any inconvenience this issue may cause, and thank you for your patience.  As soon as we reach a solution, over-the-phone payments will resume at a lower per-transaction cost to our Members.  We encourage anyone who has previously used the IVR system to utilize our web payment portal, located HERE.